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Welcome adventurers, quest givers, loyal readers, and random trolls!
We’ve read some awesome and thrilling adventures in the past week. You might even have a few favorites.
But the question remains, who wrote this quest?

Now is your chance to find out!

There are 24 participants and 25 quests, since one daring hero took on two quests. Comment below on this post with your best guess of which adventurer wrote which quest! If you haven’t finished reading all their stories, don’t worry. There’s still time before final reveals. So keep reading, keep commenting, and come back here to guess!

Reveals will be on Saturday, July 2.

🌟 Day 1 🌟

In the stars I find my fate, Quest #22
Xiumin/Luhan, side Baekhyun/Chanyeol and Suho/Chen, implied Tao/Kris | FANTASY | PG-13 | 12.9k
Triggers: some violence, descriptions of blood and injuries, mentions of food
Luhan is Minseok's greatest adventure.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Quest #141
Suho/Luhan | SF/FANTASY | G | 9.8k
Junmyeon’s Master is not exactly what he expected.

🌟 Day 2 🌟

The Gladdest Thing Under the Sun, SelfQuest #7
Kris/Lay | FANTASY | NC-17 | 11k
Triggers: Vaguely religious themes, human sacrifice, explicit sexual content
“Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, ’You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.” — Hāfez

Forever (plural), Quest #68
Sehun/Suho, Baekhyun/Chen, Kyungsoo/Jongin, Chanyeol/Baekhyun | SF/FANTASY | R | 22k
Triggers: past abuse, triggered character
Sehun's not sure 'forever home' is a term that should have a plural, but that's where he is now. Forever home no.2.

🌟 Day 3 🌟

Lle na all yr haul cyrraedd, SelfQuest #8
Kris/Lay | SCIFI | NC-17 | 74k
Triggers: rimming, barebacking, mpreg, very very minor character death
As part of a NASA project to look for a new home for humanity, Yixing, along with his crew, travels to a formerly undiscovered planet through the portal they built for this purpose. What awaits them on the other side, however, is not just dry land and rocky mountains but sharp spears and intense eyes.

🌟 Day 4 🌟

Journey to Lidenbrock, Quest #131
Chen/Kai, Luhan/Chen/Kai | SF/FANTASY | NC-17 | 23.4k
Triggers: age difference (7 years and undefined), fingering, lots of fingering, frottage, over-stimulation, threesome, spitroasting, violence
A young man walks determinedly towards Nautilus Station. His outfit stands out in between the steel and smoke of the ships, and the leather and maroon colors of the commoners’ clothes.

Are You Wearing Space Pants (Because Your Ass is Out of This World), Quest #36
Suho/Chen | SCIFI | NC-17 | 6.9k
Triggers: Tentacles, Aphrodisiacs, Triple Penetration, Sounding, Size Kink, Excessive Come.
Jongdae is kinda in love with one of his customers, and Baekhyun is of no help whatsoever.

🌟 Day 5 🌟

Lost in Translation, Quest #119
Chanyeol/Baekhyun | FANTASY | R | 3.9k
Triggers: dub-con, sex with a minor, mentions of rape, violence, and murder
After Baekhyun turned a ripe fourteen, he saw fire. Fire was all there was—and never before had he seen it submit to a man.

Nova Burn, Quest #183
Sehun/Tao | SCIFI | NC-17 | 10k
Sehun is on a routine mission for the council, but his plans are thrown into disarray by the arrival of a group of mercenaries.

🌟 Day 6 🌟

Kin’s Love, SelfQuest #4
Kris/Lay | FANTASY | PG-13 | 73k
“Hear Raven’s gift! A hart’s life he shall live when the sun rises, only in his true form once the earth is covered by midnight sky blankets…”

🌟 Day 7 🌟

Duty Over Pride, Quest #115
Xiumin/Luhan, side Kris/Suho | FANTASY | R | 14k
To secure peace, Minseok is sent into the heart of his enemies to marry their Prince.

Strange fascination, fascinating me, Quest #7
Kai/Lay | SF/Fantasy | G | 5.3k
Trigger: minor character death
Newly crowned King Kai is given a coronation gift, a beautiful someone to dance at his command. He doesn't want to command anyone, much less someone so heartbreakingly sad.

🌟 Day 8 🌟

Echo, Quest #3
Chanyeol/Baekhyun | SF/FANTASY | R | 16.6k
Triggers: Chanyeol-centric, psychopathy, sadism, slight violence and gore, mentions of blood, mutilation, and religion, allusions to rape, suicide
For Sector 4's researchers, the nymph was simply ECHO the test subject, but for Dr. Park Chanyeol, ECHO was Baekhyun—his nymph, his obsession, his life.

To Love Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure, Quest #187
Xiumin/Tao, Luhan/Sehun | FANTASY | NC-17 | 12.5k
Zitao is madly, foolishly in love and will do anything for Minseok to notice his feelings and stay with him.

🌟 Day 9 🌟

You, I, The Universe, Quest #111
Kai/Baekhyun | FANTASY | PG-13 | 21k
Triggers: curses, tragedy
When Jongin's ghost friend persuades him to go and see the day, it exceeds his expectation. Along the way, he meets a creature, the brightest of them all.

Birth of Venus, SelfQuest #3
Chanyeol/D.O | SCIFI | G | 3k
The playboy Prince of the Galactic Republic, and the quiet and unassuming court artist - two lives forever intertwined together.

Fly Me To The Moon, Quest #97
Baekhyun/Kyungsoo | SCIFI | R | 3.2k
Triggers: mentions of blowjobs, hybrids, elves, memory loss
When Baekhyun wakes up, he feels fresh, new and everyone is pretty cool but he’s not sure how he feels about a rather odd tech-savvy crew member that may or may not be kinda cute.

🌟 Day 10 🌟

The Fool on the Mountain, Quest #99
Kai/Suho | Fantasy | R | 6.2k
Triggers: intended violence, talks about (danger of) starvation, orphaned character
Townsguard Joonmyun goes on a mission to slay the dragons that wreak havoc to the chicken pens. What he finds on top of the mountain instead is something completely different... or not completely.

Dancing Out In Space, SelfQuest #1
Chanyeol/Sehun | SCIFI | R | 36k
Chanyeol and Luhan fly through space, rescuing a new crew along the way. RE: Luhan is a rogue space cowboy who makes a lot of 21st century anime and pop culture references because he has a lot of free time floating through space.

🌟 Day 11 🌟

Prince’s Dragon, Quest #129
Kris/Baekhyun | FANTASY | NC-17 | 32k
Triggers: Mpreg
Kris the Great Dragon swooped in to kidnap the prince on the day of his wedding since Baekhyun was promised to him in the first place, unaware to the events that came to follow.

The Balance of Logic and Emotion, Quest #70
Xiumin/Chanyeol | SCIFI | NC-17 | 16k
Triggers: human experimentation, mentions of sex, cursing, slight gore (mostly just talks about surgery/blood)
Chanyeol is the result of inhumane experimentation trying to create the perfect android and Minseok ends up taking him in. Minseok is sure this is temporary but falling in love makes things more complicated when Chanyeol starts to be hunted down.

🌟 Day 12 🌟

GA - 88, Quest #17
Chen/Kai | SCIFI | R | 12.8k
Triggers: confirmed idol dating, minor character death, mentions of drunk driving and mental instability, plot twists
When Jongdae starts seeing a brooding stranger in his mirror, he thinks he's fucked.

Fallen & Cursed, Quest #122
Kai/Luhan | FANTASY | PG-13 | 21k
Triggers: brief mentions of cross-dressing
Luhan’s peaceful life takes a sharp turn when he takes in a stranger carrying a peculiar secret.

🌟 Day 13 🌟

Every Little Thing She Does, Quest #33
Xiumin/Baekhyun | Fantasy | R | 5.9k
Triggers: drinking, brief violence, crossdressing, genderfluid/nb!baekhyun, agender!kai, mongryong is a bat, some sexy stuff, and some swearing.
When seductress and pickpocket Baekhyun, dressed as alter ego Lady B, meets the alluring Sohee, a notorious thief of magical items the wanted signs know better as Xiumin, Baekhyun thinks Lady Luck has struck. And is not too far off the mark.

Forever and a Day, Quest #192
D.O/Suho | FANTASY | PG-13 | 3.8k
Triggers: mentions of death
Kyungsoo gets a second chance at happiness. And so does the angel granting him this chance.

Have fun guessing!
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