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Attention Adventurers
After our first sucessful round, a great amount of quests were either left unclaimed or dropped. It would be a shame to simply leave them there and so we've decided to open our archives up indefinitely! If you didn’t get a chance to claim the first time around, this is your chance. Or if you participated and are ready to embark in another daring quest, feel free to claim again!


🌟 Once you've chosen a quest, comment below with your choice. The comments won't be screened since there's no anonymity for this, so don't worry about it.

🌟 SFF_EXO fest rules still apply, so make sure to read our Adventure Guide!

🌟 After you've finished, we'd appreciate it if you include the prompt number and a note that says it was claimed from SFF_EXO.

🌟 Once you've posted the fic, send us the link (via email or tweet DM) to your quest, so we can spread the word!

🌟 AO3 users can post directly to our Forgotten Quests collection (not our main one) which will also remain open and submit it there.

🌟 Also, any prompters who wish to withdraw their prompt, message us by email.

Ready to start your adventure?


If at any time our adventurers feel lost of confused, remember we are here to help!
Don’t hesitate to contact us at @SFF_Exo or via email sff.exo@gmail.com
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