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Day Thirteen | Forever and a Day

Adventurer: chocoyeol (AO3) 🌟
Prompt #: 192
Title: Forever and a Day
Ship(s): D.O/Suho
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3,862
Trigger(s): mentions of death
Summary: Kyungsoo gets a second chance at happiness. And so does the angel granting him this chance.
Author's note:This is probably one of my best fics for the first half of the year. I do hope it comes up to standards and I had great fun writing the story. I am hoping to expand more on this universe so perhaps one day when I revisit the AU, I can expand on their back stories and their lives before and after this. Thank you so much, M for motivating me and my online sisters Iz and C for encouraging me to finish.

Oblivion. The feeling of complete weightlessness. Darkness enclosed around him as he fell back into the emptiness. His eyes closed as he drifted into the chasm of nothing.
Tags: day 13, genre: fantasy, rating: pg-13, ship: d.o/suho, words: 3k+
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